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Do you have a product or service that you are trying to sell, but no one notice?

We help you to sell a product or service online, on social network and on
your website. Let´s do e-commerce together.

Marketing BPS
Marketing BPS

It is time to give to the e-commerce a boost by holding hands with opportunities to sell in social media.

¿Do you have already your web site? Or do you need help to hire one? In Marketing BPS we help you choose the best plan to suit your needs, with the aim of selling and selling well. Your presence on Internet is essential for
customers find you and know you. It is important give relevance to this digital piece in your business.

The analysis of your audience

Fast, accurate information and quality content. Around of this three concepts lies the satisfaction of the audience, an online marketing content that catches the user with high quality images which he feels identify and gives him what he needs.

Marketing BPS

We can reveal the true power of your Fan Page

Marketing BPS

Increase and better perception of your “Bran Awarenes”

Show your products/services in it and everything you want to reflect. The design of your web, will give to your future customer an image how will be your brand.

Marketing BPS

Conideration of your Brand “Media Listening”

New customers and markets. The web sites are designed to be viewed from anywhere in the world.

Marketing BPS

Shopping intention, local traffic and positioning.

With a web site the Prestige is greater than your potential customer see you as a great alternative.

Marketing BPS

Sell through your customer’s experiences

The motivation to share after the shopping. Is an important part of the purchase process.

In Marketing BPS we specialize in developing e-commerce that generate sales.

The ideal complement of your digital strategy is about an E-commerce, with wich you can optimize all your internal sales processesand maximize your profits since this will be available to make purchases 24 hours a day and 365 days a year, taking advantages about the businesses and physical stores that have a defined opening hours, becoming a limiting factor of your sales capacity. Considering also that through an e-commerce we can reach a larger target, allowing us to increse sales opportunities and improve the knowledge of your brand.

  • Includes all the services needed to create and manage yor online store (templates, hosting and web hosting).
  • It has a shopping cart restore function, sending an email to the user after leaving the page without made the purchase.
  • A pesar de ofrecer pocas plantillas gratuitas, el diseño y estructuración es más completo y profesional.
  • Despie offering few free templates, the design and structuring is more complete and profesional.
  • Loading time of the website is fast thanks to its all-inclusive package. Allows up 10 stores to operate in several countries, as compensation for their limitations in transalation into other languages.
  • It is an open-source platform, so it offers more posibilities for customization, but also requieres more technical knowledge in web design.
  • It is ideal for implementing a content strategy, using blog as an essential part of search engine optimization (SEO).
  • It has a wide variety of free templates for your e-commerce.
  • You can add add-ons for invoice generation for each transaction.
  • Easy integration of translation plugins that do not affect the SEO of your online store.

In Marketing BPS we transforms your Brand identity into sales opportunities in social media

In BPS, our passion is to create brand experiences. We help you to increase your sales with our deep and dynamic knowledge of R.R.S.S. and web 2.0, analyzing your audience and comunicating your brand intelligently.

Brands we have collaborated with

Marketing BPS
Marketing BPS
Marketing BPS
Marketing BPS
Marketing BPS
Marketing BPS
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