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We offer the ideal website for your business.

We will create a Landing Page that captivates your customers and makes you highlight your competitors.

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How do we create the ideal website for you?

We organize the content of your Landing Page.

We will give you a specialized form that you must complete with all your business information: logo, menu, fonts, references, photos and more.
Then we will show you our specialized templates from which you will select the one that goes according to what you offer to your customers.
Finally we will introduce all the information within your new website and within a few days you will have it ready to show it to your users.
Keep in mind that your new site will be fully responsive and will adapt to all resolutions.

We index your website with SEO On Page.

We will look for the keywords that are most relevant to your business and that are consistent with the service you offer.
We will verify that there are no duplicate content and we will look for your main competitors to create an On Page strategy with ideal words for your restaurant.

We integrate Google Analytics and Search Console.

With the integration of Google analytics you can see in real time how many users visit your Landing Page, which devices they use, what are the hours at which they enter your website and much more.
The search console will allow you to make indexing requests to google so you will start placing yourself in the first positions.

We create your business profile in Google My business.

We create for you the Google My Business profile to help your users in the search for your company.
They can find your restaurant through Google Maps showing ways to get to your physical business.
In addition this will help the positioning of your website in the search engines.

We love freedom. That is why we work with WordPress and Godaddy.

We avoid making our designs in closed source since we understand that eventually you would like to make small updates to your site.
A Change of Photo? A new menu? No problem, that is why we use WordPress as CMS to manage your content, that way it will be very easy to change small elements in the future without resorting to a web programmer.
On the other hand we host your site within Goddad and one of the largest providers of domains and hosting worldwide, so your site will be protected in the best hands.


Would you like to know what we can do for you?

Look at some of our examples and discover what we can do.

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They speak for us.

“I have gotten at least 50 times the value from Business Partner Studio web designs. You guys rock! I will let my partner know about this, she could really make use of your services for our hotel!”
Daniella T.

Hotel Florentia

“Business Partner Studio is the real deal! We’ve used Business Partner Studio services for the last year. Business Partner Studio is the most valuable business resource we have EVER purchased for our restaurant.”
– Clarey C.

Pizzeria Nuova Orchidea

We have a special price for you.

Our offer covers everything from Hosting to the final design.

Frequently Asked Questions.

We know that you may have doubts, so we have created this section so you can solve them, if you do not find the answer here you can write to [email protected]

Why is 50% of the payment necessary to start work?

The raw material is essential in every process and in our case the raw material is accommodation, domain and our staff. That 50% represents costs for us that we managed to cover with the advance payment to run the whole equipment.

When do I need to pay the other 50%?

When the website is finished we will send you the digital invoice with the remaining 50%, this payment will only be made until everything is finished and so we can close the work chain.

I don't have photos of my dishes or products. Can you provide them?

Of course, if you do not have photos of your products or those you have do not work, you must notify them in the order form and we will look for photos in our galleries that are compatible with your product and description.

In what formats can I send my menu?

We prefer that you send your files in PDF, Word or Excel format. So we can extract your information as is and place it on your website to avoid any possible writing errors.

In case you do not have your menus in any of these formats we ask you to do a scan and then attach them in JPG or PNG format in the best possible quality.

How will I receive my website?

When starting work we create everything directly on your domain and hosting so the site will be live from the moment we start working.

Initially we will place an image saying: “Under construction” to show your prospects that there is something great being created at that time.

Then we will publish your site when all the content is ready and we will deliver the administrator credentials to your website so you can modify it whenever you like.

How long will I receive my Landing Page?

We are committed to work delivering your Landing Page in a maximum of 30 business days. With this we guarantee that the workflow is optimal and we give you a reasonable amount of time so you can see your site carefully and give us the changes you need.

Can I make changes if I don't like something?

Of course! After the first delivery you will have 3 stages of changes available where you can adjust the contents or texts. We ask you to be as explicit as possible at this stage and if possible you can send us references or sketches to better understand your ideas.

I don't have a corporate logo or image. Can you create one for me?

We are sure that you have a great logo for your restaurant, but in the remote case that you are dissatisfied or do not have a defined logo we can help you.

For a minimum additional amount of $ 50 USD we can generate 3 design proposals especially for you, with this you can better define your style and make your brand unique.

What is the difference of a normal Web and a Landing Page?

A Landing Page is a short web page that summarizes all your information on a single page, to access all the information you only need to scroll and a couple of shortcuts to key information.

A traditional web page is one that contains 3 to 5 pages, usually contains a lot of information and is used for companies where it is necessary to deepen on each topic.

Time has passed and I want to make modifications. Can I contact you for this?

Of course. We can help you in the future in case you need to renew content or create new pages.

In case of future changes do not hesitate to contact us.

Write us, it will be a pleasure talking to you.


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