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Builded with WordPress.

Its easy to use, friendly with search engines, flexible in development. 29% of all sites on the Internet are built with this tool. WordPress provides a user-friendly interface (CMS) that allows you to make changes easily on the fly.
☑ Design with DIVI Builder.
☑ Custom pages according to your business.
☑ Highly modifiable.

Responsive Web Design

More than 50% of all web traffic comes from a mobile device, therefore a friendly design with mobile devices is no longer optional, now it is absolutely necessary. It all starts with a responsive web design.
A responsive web design allows you to adapt and provide an optimal experience with any device on which the site is viewed. This means that your site will look amazing and will work perfectly for a user of a desktop, laptop, table or smartphone.
Each website developed by BPS uses a responsive design, it seeks to adapt perfectly to each device on which users access it.


Advantages of a site built with BPS:
☑ Easy to perform maintenance.
☑ Ready for mobile devices and tablets.
☑ Highly convenient in terms of update and price.

The power of WooCommerce.

A flexible e-commerce platform provides seamless integration with your site built on WordPress. WooCommerce offers the ability to sell online 24/7, with perfect experience for the user, you will not need to search anywhere else.
Advantages of a store with WooCommerce:
☑ Highly Modifiable
☑ Ideal for all types of products.

We have developed websites with great results in our clients

MPS group SRL

MPS Group SRL is an Italian company with extensive printed advertising services and innovative services such as green advertising on bicycles. Our approach was thanks to the need to re-design your website. Thanks to our work we developed a modern site with all the new advantages of SEO and design tools that make an entire experience browse the site.
Services provided by BPS:
Web Re-Design
SEO strategies
Website Optimization
Hosting Optimization
Graphic design
Integration of new automation tools

    Proppela Digital Signage

    Proppela is a US based company with its headquarters in El Salvador, specializing in the creation of audio visual content for digital menus. Its mission: to increase conversion rates through digital networks and incredible video content.
    Our team has been in charge of designing a strategy synthesized in a simple but effective site, focused on capturing the user and giving the confidence to work their digital menus with Proppela.
    Services provided by BPS:
    Web design
    Hosting Configuration
    Marketing in Social Networks
    Content Marketing
    Cold Mail Marketing
    Graphic design
    Customized forms
    Video edition


      JMTelcom is a company based in El Salvador, specializing in the sale and distribution of a large number of items for communications, this ranges from a simple RJ45 cable to huge data servers.
      Our job was to design a page that could integrate all the services in an E-Commerce store built with WooCommerce where more than 700 products have been integrated with their respective technical specifications.
      Services provided by BPS:
      Web design
      Social Media Marketing
      Content Marketing
      Marketing of Mail campaigns
      Graphic design
      Mining of mail bases Opt-In
      Integration of automated systems for web like Live Chat.

        ViuOne Digital

        ViuOne is the sister company of Proppela and as its older sister is responsible for digital signage in shopping centers as well as restaurants.
        ViuOne, has the ability to distribute digital signage equipment of any kind and install it anywhere, it is worth mentioning that they are great providers of specialized video content for each client and situation.
        Our mission was to update your previous page and create an efficient new design that shows the main work that ViuOne has done. In addition, the focus was also directed at making the site work as an excellent cover letter for international clients.
        Services provided by BPS:
        Web design
        Social Media Marketing
        Content Marketing
        Email Marketing
        Graphic design
        Automation tools such as Live Chat.

          Hacienda de Los Miranda

          Hacienda de Miranda is a beautiful place in El Salvador, where the most elegant weddings and the most exclusive events are held. The Hacienda does all kinds of private events from birthdays to more memorable parties with exquisite banquets.
          Our job was to update the website and to function as a sales tool, fully integrated with their social networks and a constant content update.
          Services provided by BPS:
          Web design
          Web Hosting
          Social Media Marketing
          Content Marketing
          Graphic design
          Video edition
          Professional photography services
          Automation tools such as Live Chat

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